Friday, November 09, 2007

Interview Over
Well, Elizabeth's interview is a thing of the past! Cindi guessed the person after only two clues. In case you didn't read the comments, Elizabeth interviewed Jenna Bush. She woke up yesterday a bundle of nerves. She looked so "professional". She wore her black slacks, a new shirt (In my day, we called them blouses) and she swept her hair up. She wore her black heels. She looked so good! (I am biased though). First thing she did when she got home from school was loose the heels. She claimed her feet were killing her. The school campus is huge so she had to talk all over the place. She's a flip flop gal. She didn't take her camera. "Her photographer" from the newspaper got to go in with her and took all the pictures. He has promised us copies of all the pictures he took. Elizabeth said Jenna was super nice and made her so comfortable. She also met Jenna's friend who was the photographer for the book. Even she took pictures. Liz said she made such an impact on her with her work with UNICEF that somehow she wants to help. I'm so proud of her. I think this will be an experience that she will remember always.
It's finally Fall here in Florida. We are in the high 70's during the day and 50's at night. It's wonderful. My AC has been off for a week now. Yesterday, I treated myself (which I NEVER do) to a small shopping spree and got some warmer clothes. I got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts and a new purse. I'm a purse junkie. I have more purses than I have jeans! Thank you Lisa. I blame her.
Thank goodness the weekend is finally here. Yeah. As of now, no baseball game tomorrow. That doesn't mean we won't get an email at 10 tonight but I sure am enjoying the fact that tomorrow is my "day off". Hopefully I can get Steve started on my "Honey Do" list. We still haven't finished painting. The living room and dining room need to be done. So, I told him that we won't be putting our Xmas tree up until it gets done. (It's been since January that we started this project). Since it's HIS family coming down for Xmas and not mine, maybe it will get done. He's been out of town the last couple of days so I am sure when I ask him to work on the list, he will say he has to go into the office since he's been away. That's what he usually does. He was raised that you call a repair man or handy man to fix everything. Well, we can't afford that. I was raised the opposite. My dad could fix anything. Repair men weren't allowed in our house. But, he tries when he can. How hard can it be though to hang vertical blinds? They've been sitting in the garage for almost a month and a half. The ones up over the sliding door have been broken for years! Yes I said years. So, hopefully, I will have nice working vertical blinds hung this weekend.
Today, I'm off to volunteer in Mark's classroom. Yippee. After doing it all this years I think I'm burned out on it. BUT, I did it for the other kids, and I will do it for him.
Cindi, I will get your goodie package out to you this weekend. I'm pretty sure I have your address. If not, I will email you to get it.
Time to get my day started. Have a wonderful Friday!

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Liane said...

OK Interviewing Jenna Bush is pretty neat. I really like both of those girls! They seem very real to me. LOL